Variety calendar

The company currently works with more than 30 growers with an area of 500 hectares of blueberries.
The blueberry production is based on 5 early fruit projects covering 250 hectares up to date, counting with state of the art technology, and these being implemented in the best country locations for the production of this crop.

While our blueberry production is located in Tucuman, we also have presence in Entre Rios and Buenos Aires.

As for Lemon, its production is located in Tucuman, around 40% of exported volume corresponds to own production, and in the next three years that percentage will climb to 70%.
Thanks to the associated growers both in Blueberries as in lemons, (complementary products in terms of season), we have achieved steady growth and consistent supply of high quality products.

In blueberries we handle a good balance of extra-early varieties from Southern Highbush group as Snowchaser, Springhigh, and Primadonna as well as early varieties such as Emerald, Jewel, Star, Abundance, Farthing and San Joaquin among others.

Both, high standards of our product together with the early varieties, as well as the large number of hectares in areas with low risk of frost and / or frost control, make our product very reliable, enabling us to offer our customer fruit from mid-August to mid-December.
As far as lemon is concerned the generic variety is EUREKA and the export period ranges from week 16 (April) to 34 weeks (mid-August)

We offer all clamshells formats such as 12 x 4.4 oz / 12 x 6 oz / 12 x 18 oz and also in punnets such as 12 x 125 g / 12 x 150 g / 12 x 200 g.
We export lemons in boxes 15kilos telescopic, telescopic 18 kilos, and 6 kilos plateaux

Variety Calendar